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Our Work: Expert Witness

Matthew Bastone is an RICS registered expert and has extensive experience as an expert witness:

  • receiving instructions from solicitors or clients
  • giving initial expert opinion
  • carrying out investigations
  • preparing reports
  • attending conferences with counsel and meetings with experts
  • giving evidence in Court, Arbitration hearings and Adjudication meetings.

First appointed in 1997 Matthew has acted as expert in connection with a wide variety of construction disputes, including, in a number of instances, multi-million pound litigation and arbitration proceedings. In addition to reporting on the valuation of construction works and the quantum of loss and/or expense, he has, on a number of occasions, provided expert opinion on defects and remedial works, and claims for reconstruction works and reinstatement costs.

Previous appointments include:

  • Single Joint Expert (litigation) private dwelling, 20,000 in dispute
  • Party Expert (initial advice) commercial office development, 760,000 claim
  • Party Expert (arbitration) private housing development, 140,000 in dispute
  • Party Expert (litigation, adjudication) rammed earth walls, 3.5m in dispute
  • Single Joint expert (litigation) private dwelling, 40,000 in dispute
  • Party Expert (litigation) private dwelling, 65,000 in dispute
  • Party Expert (litigation) infrastructure works, 120,000 in dispute
  • Party expert (mediation) architect fees and services, 330,000 in dispute
  • Party expert (litigation) commercial office development, 270,000 in dispute
  • Party Expert (arbitration) rugby stadium, 1.8m in dispute
  • Party Expert (arbitration) soil nailed retaining wall, 400,000 in dispute
  • Party expert (litigation) stadium terracing, 150,000 in dispute.


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